Chase the Rainbow

The Rainbow trail facebook page was set up in early March in response to the news regarding the Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s a simple concept – display a rainbow in your window for passers by.

Rainbows are a symbol of positivity, hope and togetherness and have quickly become a viral phenomenon. In a strange time where we are unable to speak or communicate with others, we can still make our neighbours smile and also give the kids something to do.

When you ask Arlo his favourite colour he often says “rainbows” and so we of course had to get involved. My mum used paint pens to create a glorious rainbow of flowers across the whole kitchen window. We live on a corner and so it’s on full view for everyone passing on their way to the local shop, and key workers heading to the bus stop every morning.

I shared pictures of our rainbow in the Facebook group and was contacted by a BBC journalist who also featured our picture in a news article – here’s the link

Here’s a fun fact for you – our home used to be home to monks, and serve as a local community centre, many of our neighbours recall coming in to the house when it was “The Society of St Francis” and so we always make an effort to decorate our windows for celebrations, people share with us their most treasured memories from meeting Santa in what is now our front room, when they see the twinkle of our Christmas tree lights, and when we had a recent delivery of a new oven, the gas fitter let us know he remembered playing hide and seek in our hedges during youth club.

On our daily exercise it has been wonderful to see so many rainbows – from had painted stones in the local park, to crochet hangings in trees and beautiful childrens drawings in windows.

We have also been working on lots of rainbow inspired designs for clothing too and Arlo is very appreciative

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