The big mummy blog share – guest feature

As part of The Big Mummy Blog Share this week I am featuring a fellow mummy blogger!

Meet Charlotte Stein from Team Stein Blog. She is a mummy blogger from York.

How many children do you have?

4 – Finlay, Daisy, Teddy and Florence.

Did you write a birth plan?

I only wrote a birth plan for my first birth and I was pretty much happy to try anything and everything. I the first of my group of friends to have a baby and so wasn’t very clued up on births, so went with the advice of the midwives. My 3 other births were all planned c-sections upon advice from the consultants.

Baby Bump

What type of birth did you plan/envision?

I loved watching on Sky TV births at birthing centres, they always looked pretty calm and the staff so supportive. Although I’m glad I didn’t go down this route with my first as I needed an emergency C-Section.

Did you have a natural birth or caesarean section?

One emergency Cesarean and three planned cesareans.

Did you have any pain relief?

Yes, plenty! I was in natural labour for 18 hours with my first baby Finlay and was on gas and air until I was 6cm dilated. I was then given an epidural in case I needed surgery as they were anticipating a c-section as they predicted he was a large baby

(He was 10lb 3 oz). I also asked for plenty of top-ups in pain relief in the days after my 3rd and 4th C-Sections as after my 2nd birth I learnt just how much pain you can be in when recovering from the surgery, especially after subsequent C-Sections.

Tell us a little bit about the lead up to your birth

I’m alway pretty uncomfortable on the run up to my births as I have large babies, so getting a good nights sleep isn’t easy. I always have swollen ankles and I have to turn over or get out of bed every half hour or so as my legs go dead. Then there is the nerves of knowing I’m going in for a major operation, that makes me feel anxious for mine and my babies safety. That said as soon as the relief that the operation is done and that were both fine makes all those last few weeks of constant worry and pregnancy niggles disappear.

Tell us about the moment you gave birth


My first was born after a dramatic emergency and was fighting fit and pretty angry that he had been pulled from his comfortable position. I was in shock but not aware that I was and just happy to hear him cry and know the surgery was nearly done. My second was such a pleasant planned C-Section as it was on Christmas Eve and she was born whilst Michael Buble was playing on the cd player. My third, Teddy, was born in a German hospital, so it was a little tough as there was a real lack of communication and my husband wasn’t allowed in for all of the operation so I found it a little stressful and this made me appreciate the NHS even more. Then Florence was a natural C-section, so she birthed herself with a bit of help from the consultant and so the room was in silence just watching her, I think her calm entrance to the world definitely sums up her lovely personality now.

How did you find your recovery?

I’m not going to jazz it up. Having C-Sections is tough, although clearly not that tough as I went back for a further 3 after my first! It’s a hard few days after the birth and plenty of rest with movement added in and lots of pain relief is the best way. I shed a few tears but I have to agree with the latest NHS advice in that getting out of your bed as soon as possible makes for a better recovery. I did this with Florence my fourth and my recovery was much more improved, just make sure you move with plenty of painkillers!

c section birth

Is there anything you would do differently?

I think by my fourth I followed everything that I had learnt along the way from having the others. I think you know in your heart what is best for your baby and your body and so my advice is to go with your gut instincts. I wish I had done this more with my first and even second baby

If you would like to read more about Charlotte and her family then you can read her blog at:

The Big Mummy Blog Share

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