Here’s a really simple idea for finger foods which are ideal for baby led weaning – once you’re satisfied that babies are comfortable with the ingredients (mainly eggs you need to be confident with) it’s great to start combining things and making it more interesting.

All you need to do for this is beat eggs and then add in some ingredients of your own – I often find that I buy eggs all the time and end up wasting them, or baking a cake – so this is a great way to use those leftover eggs to make a healthier savoury option….and use up random ingredients leftover in the salad drawer too.

At this stage we had covered all of the basics and were starting to introduce stronger flavours – these might look a bit on the strange side but I can assure you they are extremely tasty – the flavour combinations were cheese/spring onion, red onion/pepper and pea/ asparagus.

I think we also added in some Parsley and Chives at this point too.

I whisk up all the eggs in a jug and then pour them straight into a normal muffin tin (well greased), before adding in the other ingredients to ensure they are distributed evenly. These frittatas are then baked for 10-12 mins -and left to cool- In the early days I would slice these up to serve, so that Arlo could hold them more easily. These days he will make these disappear in two seconds.

Top tips

  • You can batch cook and then freeze these.
  • These are also ideal for lunch time snacks

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